I'm trying to get RedHat 8.0 going on my Dell inspiron 2500. Everything works, except for the network card. The card is a 3Com 3C3SH574BT, one of those that has the full RJ45 connector on it--takes up both PCMCIA slots. It's the 32 bit cardbus architecture. There's support/drivers for tons of 32 bit cardbus cards, such as Xircom, etc, but I can't find a driver for this one.

I get "eth0 failed to intilialize" and later "device 3c509x appears not to be present" or something like that. Obviously, it thinks the card is another model of 3Com card. I know how to use the Network thing from the GUI to choose a different device, but my card is not listed in the long list. I've read several articles describing how to modify etc/pcmcia/config and add it in, etc, but this doesn't seem to do anything..... I reboot and the card option is still not there. Even if this did work, how do I get the actual driver for the card....where I do the "bind driver_name, param1, param2, etc" in the config file.

I'm thoroughly confused now and don't know what to do. Isn't there some sort of generic driver for the 32bit cardbus cards, or something??

I've read through many forums and stuff and I cannot find anything about a problem like mine. I know someone can easily answer this if they know a lot about Linux.

Please Help!! :'(