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Thread: LiveCD distros wanted

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    LiveCD distros wanted

    I'm currently looking to getting a small beginers programning class once a week at a local school, and to avoid filling Microsoft' pockets with license fees I want to use Linux and KDevelop.

    Now, I'm sadly doing is on Windows based machines and I don't feel like installing Linux on them just to have the hds wiped clean every day, or watch in horror as I get fired because I borked the schools computers.

    So what's needed would be a LiveCD distro which as KDE3, KDevelop and GCC3.2.1 - oh and it has to support Danish and have good hardware detection of IBM based machines (even OLD OLD OLD, even CREEDON OLD ones)

    Now I only know of Knoppix, which I'm not completely happy with, but it forfills my needs... so if you have another idea please post here.

    Oh another perk of using Linux is that I might just convert a few, or at least get someone interested (and thus I might get to teach Linux classes also --- w00t)

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    Re:LiveCD distros wanted

    What's with the SuSE Live evaluation CD? It's available on the SuSE homepage. However, I didn't find a list of included software so I'm not sure if it will fit your needs.

    You might have found it by yourself by now. LinuxToday linked to it: Distrowatch actually has a section on all cd-based linux distros. That should be just what you're looking for.

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    Re:LiveCD distros wanted

    I'm looking for a good livecd to rescue systems. didn't really find one. I think i may build my own. how hard can it be?

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    Re:LiveCD distros wanted

    The Gentoo LiveCD is quite exellent for this purpose, plus there are guides to "mod" it to your needs should you want to.

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    Re:LiveCD distros wanted

    There's a new ?distro? called Eagle Linux; it's not a REAL distro, it's a PDF file that gives instructions that allow the user to build a Live-CD distribution that's customized to their needs. Do a Google search; I don't have the URL handy, or go to Distrowatch and check out the CD-distribution page. Additionally, there's several articles at various websites that give instructions for customizing Knoppix; I haven't had the time to mess with it, but a cursory reading doesn't seem to be difficult for someone familiar with Linux.

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