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Thread: Memory Question

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    Re:Memory Question

    the 256mb chip says 256 plus its bigger than the other ones.. Todays is my day off so I will try to check each dimm individually. Now where would be the best place to go for bios updates. I have an award bios.

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    Re:Memory Question

    Start with the manufaturer of your motherboard. They should have bios updates. For instance, my mb maker, gigabyte, provided a bios update for my board (F7 to F8). Try bios central next. If that fails, you can go over to award, though that should be the last place I would go to.


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    Re:Memory Question

    Here's the page for your BIOS. P5A BIOS Page Get the latest one, and your Asus CD should have come with a BIOS utility. If not you can DL that from the Asus site too.

    BTW, make sure the latest one isn't what you already have, or that it isn't a more recent one (The latest one the page is 07/16/1999).

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    Re:Memory Question

    I have come to 2 conclusions:
    1 the dimm that says 256mb is really a 128mb Althought it is taller than the other 128 dimm.

    2 I read the mobo book and it should support the 256mb and support memory up to 768 unbuffured memory which is what i have. So my mobo maybe have a bug and although it states it supports it it dosent for some wierd thing or its my bios..

    I think it might be the first. Because I did really order a 128dimm maybe it was labeled wrong OR I'm not sure if this could be true but like half of it dosent work and it was sold as a 128mb dimm.. Now I am not a memory guru to even know if half of it could even stop working..

    So what you guys think.. BTW I tried that 256MB dimm on every slot and bios gave showed it being a 128mb dimm.

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    Re:Memory Question

    I have had 128MB PC133 chips that have said 2x256 on a label, and actually be 128MB. The pysical size really doesn't matter at all. Some manufacturers, and even the same at different times, make the same chips very different in stature. I would check they part # with the manufacturer, and find out the actual size to see if it's a mobo issue, or if the label is deceiving.

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    Re:Memory Question

    It's really quite simple to determine if you have a 128 or 256mb dimm.

    Plug it in, don't put any other memory chips in, and boot. What's the PC say you got?

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