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Thread: Which router/swithch?

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    Which router/swithch?

    I was trying to figure out what brand everyone is using but figured it would be easier to just ask... So which one do you use? If it is other please list it. If you would also like to list your model that would be great....

    Oh yeah I have an MR314 and no big complaints yet. One small complaint is that I can't seem to get the router to recognise my RH8.0 hostname :'(

    I bet you Ashcrow wants to vote for Linksys

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    Re:Which router/swithch?

    I own a NetGear and it works great. No problems really. Almost all of my friends, however have a linksys flavor. They havent bugged me ever to fix it, so I presume they are having no problems there either.

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    Re:Which router/swithch?

    My Debian box is my router but I use D-Link switch.

    I used to have 3COM home ethernet gateway router ( 3C501 or 3C510 - can't remember ) but I sold it to a good friend of mine who don't really want to deal with setting up firewall and DMZ and all that stuff since all of that is supported by the 3COM router. Very good one in deed. Support for Firewall, DHCP server, Web based config, Port forwarding for servers, Data tunnelling, DMZ support, remote access and all that stuff. I would use it if I want less control of it but since I want full control of my firewall and packet level, I use my Debian box as my router/Firewall.

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    Re:Which router/swithch?

    I own a netgear but there technical support sucks. I told them that I had a computer as my webserver and that i assigned it a internal static ip and how i would loose connection to my webserver after two hours of the router being on. Well these people were more concerned about how I was having a webserver with out a static ip from my isp. After 10 calls and about 5 hours on the phone I gave up on it and just decided to set it as an internal dynamic and after I knew it's ip to forward the neccesary ports to the dynamic ip.

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    Re:Which router/swithch?

    [quote author=Izan Seth link=board=4;threadid=6072;start=0#57724 date=1042485218]
    I bet you Ashcrow wants to vote for Linksys

    Yes! Everybody buy a linksys router! They make excellent door stops!

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