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Thread: I got broadband!

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    I got broadband!

    Though it wasn't how I would have liked. I have to share it with the other college students. But said I transferred at nearly 1 mbps so I have most of this T-1 to myself. It sure as hell beats 26k.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    cool kenshi!

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    Re:I got broadband!

    Sweetness! I can't wait to join the other broadbanders out there. Maybe in five months I'll get my chance.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    I'll hopefully have broadband in a month or two. All the people who I'm going to be flatting with want it, so we're looking at spliiting the cost 4 ways. Although it will only be DSL and capped to 256kbps, but still better than dial up. This year I lived in a uni hostel though, and we had the same thing that you've got it sounds like. We had some of the best multiplayer games, especially when BF1942 came out. We were playing 20-30 player games every night just about, such a better thing to do than study

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    Re:I got broadband!

    Broadband caused my brother to miss his classes and fail one of them. I don't think I'll miss any classes, but I may miss eating to download stuff. That's really sad.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    can you telnet from your cell phone?

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    Re:I got broadband!

    I can't wait for broadband, but it looks like it won't be able to get it till i go to university (next year), kuz the cable / adsl companies here won't get off their lazy asses!!! > I do get to use a T1 at school though, i even have a couple servers sitting on it, so i can get a little bit of downloading done at least.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=17;threadid=6068;start=0#57733 date=1042488644]
    can you telnet from your cell phone?

    Cell phones are for people who like to talk to other people.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    the internet sucks here soooooooo bad everything but port 80 is restricted pretty much, and they even have a filter installed on the server so if you go to a porn site, or something that has some kind of adult content, or a place with games, etc. you get locked out and filtered to a "site blocked" page. fortunately me and my roommate found out about kazaa lite and we download like shit >=) and now everyone else is downloading it and using it, but it wont connect anymore i guess the servers are down. it sucks so bad because i pay to live here, the internet is worse than AOL its like im always having this university holding my hand, im a fucking adult. the reason we dont get see do anything is because the school leased its line as educational for free from the state of illinois for administrative and educational purposes only. So no games, no porn, no IRC, no anything. My college also restricts you from ordering cable or dsl internet to the dorms. and i cant get high speed internet at home either because its not in my area, it hasnt been for the past like 4-5 years that ive been waiting. they offer it to the people right across the street from me, but wont offer it to my block. god damn i hate getting the royal screwjob.

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    Re:I got broadband!

    I downloaded the Samba tarbell (over 4 megs) in 6 seconds. It was at a rate of 688 kilobytes per second. I nearly dropped a piece of fecal matter into my pants when I saw that. That's well above T-1 speed.

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