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Thread: I got broadband!

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    Re:I got broadband!

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=17;threadid=6068;start=0#58422 date=1043242758]
    This country that you are referencing is actually Turkey, not the USA.

    My mistake. I knew you had been to Turkey before, but thought you were currently in the states. Turkey has more of an excuse for not being able to offer broadband to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenshi View Post
    Though it wasn't how I would have liked. I have to share it with the other college students. But said I transferred at nearly 1 mbps so I have most of this T-1 to myself. It sure as hell beats 26k.
    Thats great... I checked my internet speed at and got good results
    Upload : .409 Mbps

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