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Thread: Exporting several mounted fs over NFS...

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    Exporting several mounted fs over NFS...

    Okay, I've got my NFS server setup and several NFS clients communicating with it. However, I'm running into a problem with the server exporting directories which are actually separate mountpoints on the server.

    For example, I'm exporting /home the server, and the directory /home/shared is actually another hard-drive mounted there. So, when a client mounts /home, they can see all of the other "real" directories under it without problems (permissions permitting), but when those clients try to access /home/shared , all they get is an empty directory (when, on the server, that directory has files in it).

    How can I allow my clients to see this directory *without* creating separate NFS exports for each mount point? (I don't want more exports because that would require an update of every "/etc/fstab" on each of the client machines).

    All clients and servers are all i386 architectures running RedHat 8.0 .

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re:Exporting several mounted fs over NFS...

    You REALLY want to do it the safe way, and export the /home/shared. NFS wants the whole exprted FS to be fromt he same source. Meaning the same host, and same actual FS. When I say FS, I mean /dev/*da*, not xfs, ext*, or reiser.

    Now you said that you were importing on the clients a /home share that shuold contain a hard disc mounted as /home/shared. I would make it two NFS shares, and mound them separately. Much safer. I am personally in the process of migrating all of my NFS crap to OpenAFS, from IBM. It seems more stable, secure, and flexible. I really dont care for NFS much, at least on Linux. Sofar Mandrake, SuSE, and RedHat have all given me shit with NFS over mundane things. AFS seems to be nicer. Check it out.

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