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Thread: Never buy another book...

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    Never buy another book...

    Hey i'm new here and I have learned a lot from it already (those high school programming challenges scared the crap out of me and pushed me to improve some of C/C++). I thought I would share this site I found. It has just about every book/article needed to learn any language. I think it has some ruby and some other less-used languages that are seemingly popular here. I'm not sure if there is any scheme though. Anyway here is the link:

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    Re:Never buy another book...

    Welcome to the board, zero! Thanks for sharing that site. Looks like a winner to me.


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    Re:Never buy another book...

    Im taking a class on Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Using your link
    I've found a sh*t load of pages w/ related info. Dope!

    Thanx x 10^6

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