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Thread: Favorite Alcoholic Drink

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    Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

    Mine are:
    Beer: Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve, Corona, and MGD

    Other: Margaritas

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    Other than TSINTAO I would have to say JQ.

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    It depends, if im getting drunk i prefer rum or Aguardiente, if im just talking with a girl i prefer beer

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink


    I love chocolate.

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    I'm liking the Irish Coffee and the "Rum and coke" (Probably considered a sissy drink but it's tastes great).

    Wallbangers arn't bad though.

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    Oh man favorite mixed drink has got to be Long Island Iced Teas... IF made properly

    And Shmirnoff Ice w/ a shot Shmirnoff Rasberry Twist Vodka for a kick!

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=6059;start=0#57635 date=1042323590]
    I'm liking the Irish Coffee and the "Rum and coke" (Probably considered a sissy drink but it's tastes great).

    I'd have to say they aren't sissy in my circle of friends... One of them drinks a Bad Larry... Its a giant Captain and Coke

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    If I want something easy, a bottle of wine will do. To get drunk, better make it two or three bottles. For something with more kick, shots of vodka with some cola between does a good job with minimal stomach irritation.

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    I love beer.. I'm having a cold one Right now sapparo.. Its a pretty decent beer. Man I LOVE beer. Why has it been over a month since I had a beer.

    BTW take a look at this:,1939,00.html

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    Re:Favorite Alcoholic Drink

    I sensed an aura of superiority in ya. Anyone who drinks Sapporo ( great Japanese Beer), definitly is a mile ahed of the moron who think Bud Lite is a great contribution to the beer world.

    Now, Beer is the greatest liquid on the planet. It is holy water, created by monks, to bring us all closer to God.

    My fave beer is a cross between Guiness, Sapporo, and Spaten.

    When it aint beer time, and just getting shitfaced drunk time, nothing beats an Irish Car Bomb.

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