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    "Trusted Computing"

    <Shang Tsung> It has begun! </Shang Tsung>
    An anonymous reader writes "American Megatrends announced its 'trusted computing' Palladium BIOS on Jan 6. It seems that the encrypted BIOS' integrity will be verified by a special chip or flash ROM, and will in turn verify the 'authenticity, integrity and privacy' of the boot loader and the operating system. Does that mean such machines may refuse to boot any other non-'trusted' OS? After all, the list of supporting corporations include AMD, Intel, IBM, and HP, of whom we heard quite favourable statements about Linux (just for example -- *BSDs will be equally affected) so far.";threshold=4

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    Re:"Trusted Computing"

    <Yoda voice>A bumpy road ahead I sense</Yoda voice> :-\

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    Re:"Trusted Computing"

    Boycott and.or jump to a new platform if they actually go along with this and keep people from changing OS's. There is UltraSPARC, PPC64, Alpha, and many, many more to choose from.

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    Re:"Trusted Computing"

    Yeap, i think if this goes ahead apple may be getting a lot more business from me.

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    Re:"Trusted Computing"

    [quote author=PK link=board=5;threadid=6048;start=0#57768 date=1042513016]
    Yeap, i think if this goes ahead apple may be getting a lot more business from me.

    I'll be buying a TiBook from them. I just don't know when Maybe when my business (which has yet to be started) starts to go big.

    I'm quite annoyed now. The Soltek motherboard I'm buying has AmiBios on it :'(

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    Re:"Trusted Computing"

    I actually like the idea of offloading encryption to a dedicated proccesor. <dodge> rotting vegetibles </dodge> It could make running ssh very quick. From the article "Trusted computing" doesnt look like it will affect open source much. It has keys just like ssh and ssl, software designers can choose to use them, or not in the case of Open source.

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