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Thread: Digital Camera PET

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    Digital Camera PET

    I posted a PET last night on getting a "USB mass storage" digital camera to work with Linux (it's been a while since I found the time to write a PET).
    If you wants to read, it's here.

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    Re:Digital Camera PET

    whoo hooo!! thanks pam! and good ta see ya

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    Re:Digital Camera PET

    Hey PAM! Excellent PET!!!! Props!!!!

    Can you add that not all cameras will work with this config?

    I know my camera will not. It actually has to use the Kamera/GTKam2 app to access it, since it will not connect as a mountable device. Just to let you know, and others. ;D

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    Re:Digital Camera PET

    Thanks PB, good to be seen
    KK, I do state what type of camera the PET is intended for, but that's not until the second section (by which time the reader has had to wade through my drivel about christmas ). I think I should make it more prominent and point readers towards the likes of gphoto if the PET is not for them.

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    Re:Digital Camera PET

    Thanks, paul (aka Pam). I think I'll mess around with my Knoppix and see if I can't get my Panasonic DV 201 camcorder working using your pet (it has an MMC card for still images and a USB port). I'll keep ya posted!

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    Re:Digital Camera PET

    Ok, I have given the type of camera supported the prominence it deserves.
    Good luck Stryder, I have no idea if it will work for that camera.

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