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Thread: KDE 3.0.3 ScreenSaver BUG (RedHat 8.0)

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    KDE 3.0.3 ScreenSaver BUG (RedHat 8.0)


    There is a bug in KDE 3.0.3/RedHat 8.0 screen-savers. I can see them all in the ScreenSaver list, I can test them, but upon actual activation time, the screen turns blank.

    I searched for a fix, and it appears new KDE 3.0.5a has got this fixed. Complete KDE 3.0.5a is ~ 85 MB, that's 5 hours for me through my dial-up. And there are something like 106 packages that I would have to install individually.

    The location is:*

    Does someb'dy know what exact package(s) do I need to install to fix just the ScreenSaver bug in KDE?

    Also, is this the right set of packages I'm downloading for my RedHat 8.0 (ver. 2.4.18-14) release i686?


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    Re:KDE 3.0.3 ScreenSaver BUG (RedHat 8.0)

    hi softy,
    i know rh has up2date versions - if you have a pentium II or athlon processor the i686 updates will work nicely.

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