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Thread: Xbox 2 preview

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    Xbox 2 preview

    Here you go:

    Looks pretty good to me

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview


    oh man that one lit up my morning im about to go to work and its true man, the xbox sucks, and its all huge ass, even the s version is huge. all they did was make the jewel smaller, why not rid of it anyway, i guess we need it there in case we forget what system we are playing

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    I think it's hiding spyware..........

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    Who says Microsoft doesn't innovate?

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    HHAHHAHAHAAA - good one Lovey!

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    LC -- Isnt that what they are selling now as the Natural? I get cramps, loose circulation when using the "Natural" born killer keyboard. Maybe its just me ...

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    Lol, those are great, thanks for cheering up my day segfault and LC

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    Re:Xbox 2 preview

    the controller probably takes 15 people to operate. MS would probably just call it "Xtreme Multiplayer" and theyd offer an S-version that uses 5 people, just in case you dont have that many friends. because they are all busy using ps2

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