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Thread: Power Problems?

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    Power Problems?

    Ok, this weekend, I installed an XP1700 mobo/chip combo. The mobo was an MSI k7t266 and the processor was an AMD 1700 and 256mb of pc2100. I have installed an nvidia 64mb vid card, a 20g hd, a dvd, and a burner. The changeover seemed to go well, it booted up, came up into windows, found the new stuff, etc. I started playing some games, and it started rebooting randomly. The it started with bsod's. I figured I would play it safe, and re-install. I have tried to install 98 and xp, but both crap out with different errors, usually being unable to copy a file to the hard drive. So I ran a surface scan on the hd, and it seems well. Im wondering if my power supply not being large enough power-wise could be causeing the problems. Anyone seen this sort of thing before? ???

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    Re:Power Problems?

    How are your temps looking?

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    Re:Power Problems?

    Have u tried taking the cover off of the case? That could help.

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    Re:Power Problems?

    Temp are ok, the highest I have seen it is at 55 Celsius i think. It shouldnt be a problem. I thought it was heat related also at first, but i have the side of the case off to make sure that that wasnt the problem. The core volatage is at 1.744v, the vtt is 1.2 and change, and the vio is 3.280 steady.+5 and -5v are fairly steady, with the + and -12v steadying out after a minute or two of being on. +12 is at 12.04 to 12.1v and -12 is at -11.8 or 9.

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    Re:Power Problems?

    Ok, I finally got time to take the fraggin thing apart. Im definitely leaning toward a power problem now. The powers upply that was in there was only 235W max. What a piece o crap. Looks like I will be looking for a larger Power supply. Thanks KK and 10ded.

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    Re:Power Problems?

    Whoa man! Total power lack! :P

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    Re:Power Problems?

    I noticed this thread to late...

    There's a reason AMD recommends a minimum of a 250W CED or 300W PSU for an 1GHz AMD Athlon (the XP cpus have lower energy consumtion per MHz as I understand so the 300W rule should still apply)... the CPU alone dissapates around 80W worth of energy, meaning that it probably suck up a good 120W..

    Add a few hds, a cdrom, a burner and a modern gfx card.. the poor PSU is working hard..

    Get a good high amperage PSU like an Enermax, and you should be fine.. even if you decide to upgrade something a bit later.

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    Re:Power Problems?

    yeah pretty sad for a power supply isnt it. oh well. the search for a bigger one begins on the morrow.

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    Re:Power Problems?

    well, got a 350 watt power supply and installed it last night. Had to reinstall windows, and then started installing all my software. I got most of it done after about 2.5 hours or so. Would have had it all done, but the wife was in female dog mode. :

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    Re:Power Problems?

    [quote author=Mountainman link=board=3;threadid=6008;start=0#57420 date=1042030434]
    the wife was in female dog mode. :

    Is that anything like male rabbit mode?

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