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Thread: Where's my darling LILO?

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    Where's my darling LILO?


    I used:
    RedHat 8 :: KDE :: root

    I just updated the LILO configuration editor to display "Windows" as the other option instead of "DOS" it used to display. Surprising thing is, in the configuration editor, it was listed as "NT" even though it used to display "DOS". Anyway, never mind .. so far from my experience, linux configuration files exist at multiple locations :-) .. you never know which one to edit.

    Now the problem is that I used to have a beautiful background at the time of LILO prompt .. now that's replaced by an ugly, low resoution image and options. Can I get the old LILO screen back?


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    Re:Where's my darling LILO?

    when you ran /sbin/lilo did you specify a any file ? if not the the /etc/lilo.conf would have been choosen - in this file there is a line called message=/boot/message - for redhat make sure there is a file called /boot/message - this is a .pcx file for redhat 7.2 and assume for redhat 8.0 (i am now using grub)

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    Re:Where's my darling LILO?


    It was, infact, GRUB that I was having earlier. I, unknowingly, overwrote boot loader to use LILO. Now I've switched back to GRUB.

    Thanks anyway.


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