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Thread: Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

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    Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    Hello Linux Gurus,

    I have "Compaq 56K V.90 HSF Mini PCI Modem" which is listed as this string in:
    1. Windows Device Manager, as well as
    2. Linux Control Center (KDE), along with the addresses it is occupying.
    (Compaq Laptop 12XL505/Internal Modem)
    I am using RedHat Linux 8.0.

    When I try Network Configuration Wizard (root login), the Wizard is unable to detect my modem (even if it is listed correctly at the Control Center), and a window to add a generic modem appears. According to Microsoft Windows, the modem is attached to COM3, so I try to add it to ttyS2. Then I add my credentials for my MSN internet account, i.e. MSN dial-up number, msn/{username}, {password}.

    Now, what am I missing? If I try to activate the device, I see "Activating device ..." dialog-box, that hangs forever. I have to close it, as well as other dialogs. There's no dial-tone.

    As I am a Linux newbie, if possible, please be specific about file locations.


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    Re:Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    Rather thna pretend I know something about winmodems i hopefully will direct you to the right spot
    go to the the one that says december31 release - and you will have to agree about teh license thing - then pink out an appropriate driver for your system. i am guessing that even though it is detected it will not be set up yet and you will need to install the driver.

    please check out the docs for installation - they are listed to the right of the page. after they are installed let us know if any issues come up

    welcome to linux junior

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    Re:Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    Thanks PBHarris,

    The web-site that you've forwarded is indeed useful, and it appears that I would find something.


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    Driver installed, still no dialing attempt


    I did get driver for my modem from

    Here's what the output, during installation, was:

    Selected PCI VendorID=14F1 DeviceID=2013
    and INF file /etc/hsf/inf/linux_hsf.inf
    Pre-built HSF modules that seem compatible with your system were found under

    Your HSF modem should now be accessible as /dev/ttySHSF0
    or through the symbolic link /dev/modem

    So I again went into Internet Configuration Wizard --> Hit: Modem Connection --> "Probing Modems .." --> "No modem was found" --> then I added a modem at /dev/ttySHSF0 --> entered MSN dial-up number, msn/{user-name}, {password} --> Hit: Activate --> "Activating network device ppp0 .." --> "Cannot activate network device ppp0"

    I still can't connect to the Internet, or hear a dial tone.
    Now, what am I missing?

    Please help .. as this might soothe my constipation :'(


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    Re:Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    Try using KPPP and point the modem to /dev/modem and see what happens!

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    Re:Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    kppp worked just fine, and the interface is much simpler and eligant than I expected.

    Thanks you guys all, esp. GhostDawg!!

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    Re:Net-Conf-Wiz: No Good - Anyb'dy got Dial-Tone?

    Woolf Woolf=you welcome.

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