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Thread: redhat CD not booting

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    redhat CD not booting

    my redhat CD does not boot up automatically during restart.
    Is it possible to boot to DOS and install redhat 8?

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    Re:redhat CD not booting

    This usually the cause of a "Bad Burn". Even if the md5sum matches, it will not boot. You might look back in the distro section, and read where many other people have had this problem before.

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    Re:redhat CD not booting

    i have tried re-burning the redhat iso but still doesn't boot.
    other CDs are ok.. except this ???

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    Re:redhat CD not booting

    if you have DOS or MS windows around you can make a boot disk - use rawwrite.exe from the dosutils directory and create a floppy from the images directory.

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    Re:redhat CD not booting

    [quote author=sentme_mail link=board=1;threadid=6005;start=0#57194 date=1041744168]
    i have tried re-burning the redhat iso but still doesn't boot.
    other CDs are ok.. except this ???

    How are you burning this CD? From an existing Linux environment, from Windows, or somewhere else? What CD burning software are you using, and how is it configured? Are you using a strictly ISO-9660 format for the image? (A lot of burning software does this by default.)

    If so, this may be part of the problem, since bootable CDs are "El Torito" format. Check your software setup. Be especially careful with options in your setup. If you don't pass the right options, you won't get the desired results.

    The only real difference between ISO-9660 and El Torito is that an El Torito CD reserves a small portion of itself for a sort of simulated boot floppy image. This is what the drive boots from.

    If you're using a program that has a "Copy Entire CD" option, this might be the best route to take to duplicating bootable CDs successfully. Still check those options, though.

    SInce you tell us that other CDs boot properly, I have to believe that your hardware is configured correctly.

    Another question: what are you "reburning" from? Is it an original CD, or an ISO image? If the original image wasn't saved with the El Torito boot image on it, no amount of reburning is going to make it work.

    All this might help, but pbharris gave you a good answer. Booting from floppy just once for installation is not that bad, and rawrite.exe is easy enough to use from MS-DOS (look at the readme file). Certainly easier than using dd to create the boot disk from Linux!

    (Just in case you need to know: dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0 bs=8192)

    If you're just determined to boot from the CD, look for and run loadlin from the CD under MS-DOS. No promises, but that should do it. (Been a while since I tried it, last time was a load of Caldera eDesktop 2.4 I did a while back.)

    Hope this helps out some.

    Later On,

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