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Thread: I found a new passion

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    I found a new passion

    My first computer was an Amiga500 and I loved it very much. I can't count the hours me and my friends spend playing classic games on it..

    Games like Super Cars 2, Turrican, Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge, Flashback, Another World...

    And now I found that I can download the music in the orignal mod format (seemingly legal) and bring back my childhood... w00t !!

    I'm totally freaked... now if I could get c64 music in the original formats as well...

    btw. Right now... rocking hard to Super Cars Title music, the funny thing is once upon a time I used to know he guy who composed it... and I started thinking about him.. I hope he's doing ok still..

    So gimme sites, gimme tunes... I want my childhood back...

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    Re:I found a new passion

    I used wget to make this archive of about 6 months ago. I just tried to ftp there and now no anonymous logins are allowed. Anyways here are some C64 SIDs you are asking for. Unfortunantly, I don't think there are any SIDs from games. There was another site which did have them but it's been so long I can't remember the URL.

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    Re:I found a new passion

    I have a collection of Final Fantasy music I like to listen to. Video game music is sometimes pretty cool.

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    Re:I found a new passion

    I never did get to use a Amiga much, but the C64 did just fine.

    LC, check out for sid files, and if you don't already have it there is a sid plugin for XMMS, and various other players.

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    Re:I found a new passion

    Star Control 2 remade from the 3do version using Ogg and hsa the mods included. There's even a linux version and it works amazingly well. Killer space adventure game.

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    Re:I found a new passion

    Ive thought about getting into that business. It would be cool to do music for video games.

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