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Thread: Strange problem (artsd related?)

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    Strange problem (artsd related?)

    When I normally run arts based programs like noatun CPU usage is ~4% but when I copy something from my server via NFS the arts cpu usage goes nuts ~40-50%.. and everything is skippy and laggy.. and this is using kernel 2.5.53 which has the IO scheduler fixed (in contradiction to 2.4.19 and higher)... This shouldn't happen, and it annoys me.

    Now has ANYONE noticed a similar pattern?

    btw, using kde 3.0.5a.

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    Re:Strange problem (artsd related?)

    well hmmm.. it could be something to do with NFS support. Or it could just be a problem that is present because you are using and experimental tree kernel. do you have a stable kernel to boot?

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    Re:Strange problem (artsd related?)

    Great.. I wanted to test a standard kernel (kernel 2.4.20 vanilla) and it's panicked and JFS didn't like that. (YES, I did compile support into the kernel)

    It's back to square one, since my /usr got trashed... I'll investigate further once I get KDE back up..

    But I have seen the same problem on the stable series of the kernel, maybe arts is just majorly broken that way, but at least I finally figured this out... JFS, is not suited as my filesystem, back to reiserfs I go..

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    Re:Strange problem (artsd related?)

    yeah if you do not do any heavy server type work with your computer xfs and jfs are more than the average user would need. i am glad that you solved you problem though.

    heh messed up /usr? just did that myself the other day

    and about a month ago i borked /var/lib

    since i can't afford to not work as root for my arch linux duties it will have to resort to using MC to delete stuff in the future i have just been way to sloppy lately. Or the always trust worthy (though long winded sometimes) -ri flag.

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    Re:Strange problem (artsd related?)

    hehe... during my reinstall session of Gentoo I noticed one thing... my swap partitiion wasn't being mounted as it was borked too... It would seem like my HD might be dying slowly or something...

    Anyways, missing swap partition shouldn't be a big problem but it could explain why this happened under heavy load.

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