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Thread: *box war

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    *box war

    Which *box wm do you use and why?

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    Re:*box war

    openbox features are nicer and it is not buggy like fluxbox is. for me anyway. as soon as flux hit the 1.1x range it just would not work very well for me at all. people rave about the tabs but honestly they started to annoy me to no end.

    just my fraction of a cent. since you asked.

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    Re:*box war

    Fluxbox definatly. Buggy? heh. Yeah, it WAS. 0.1.14 hasn't given me a single problem, plus they added new features.

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    Re:*box war

    I'd go with flux, although I haven't yet tried openbox. I personally see no need to use blackbox, if you turn off tabs in flux, you basically have blackbox. I haven't noticed any bugs either.

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    Re:*box war

    I use Flux also, since it's based on BB no use in using BB. I haven't tried Openbox yet either, so I'll give it a shot sometime soon!

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    Re:*box war

    KDEBox!'ll go away now.

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    Re:*box war


    i dont use any of em, and have never heard of openbox until now (thats what made me get links, so others that havent heard of one can... hear of it)

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    Re:*box war

    fluxbox, have not had any problems with anyhing.

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    Re:*box war

    Root uses fluxbox, all other human users use KDE.. I do this mostly for safety because I tend to fsck up KDE sometimes and it's nice to have a working enviroment that doesn't take ages to compile (I'm well aware of the fact that I'm masocist)

    I haven't tried openbox, but I used blackbox for an entended periode and I like it very much, but it's simply not suitable for my style, either is fluxbox (but I gotta admit those tabs are nice, altough I wouldn't want KDE to adobt them)

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    Re:*box war

    i use blackbox

    it seems to work nice for me so far


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