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Thread: Kernel Compile Problem with joystick

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    Kernel Compile Problem with joystick

    I am still trying to read from a joystick port in C++, SuSE 8.0, kernel 2.4.18. The programme finally did it and I made a good backup save of it.
    Two weeks later I opened the programme again and ...
    it didn't work anymore. It gave a No such device error???

    I searched the web, posted some dutch forums. There came out I had to configure the joystick in the kernel. I figured out how to do that. Then I had to compile the kernel, but when I make the modules it gives an error about a headerfile. in sysconfig.c the headerfile linux/compile.h is included. But it doesn't exist!!!!

    This is all after a fresh installation of my Linux. Does anyone know what's the problem and how I should solve it?



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    Re:Kernel Compile Problem with joystick

    Have you tried copying the .config file from your kernel source tree (usualy located in /usr/src/linux) to a safe place, then entering the kernel source tree, and run:

    > make mrproper

    Then copy the .config file back, and run then normal:

    > make dep clean bzImage modules modules_install

    Any files needed to be included, should be provided with the kernel source, so it's odd, that it's looking for a header file thats not there.. The problem might be located in the include links within the include dir in the kernel source tree.

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