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Thread: Light WMs

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    Light WMs

    hello all,

    I have decided that I would be MUCH better off if I just put X and a light WM on my system... I was looking into Enlightenment, Fluxbox, & Afterstep. I just don't know which one to use. So that is what I was wondering from you all.

    What is your favorite light WM, not KDE nor GNOME? Keep in mind that I need something that will run nicely, and by nicely I mean FAST ;D, on a AMD K6-2 333MGhz laptop.

    Maybe after I have gotten a bunch of responses a poll can be made to see who likes what the best for WMs.

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    Re:Light WMs

    Well, I would suggest either Fluxbox or Enlightenment. Fluxbox is quite nice, no frills really, FAST and has 8) tabs 8) , Enlightenment seems to have a few more frill to it, and is also quite nice. E is more user friendly if you want GUI configuring methods. Also note, that once Enlightenment 0.17 comes out it should be quite a huge step, it will be a shell, not just a WM (or is it considered a DE?) but that's probably quite a ways off still. My $0.02 (CDN)

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    Re:Light WMs

    I recommend fluxbox. I absolutely love its tabbed windows. It's nice and small and out of the way. Enlightenment, in my perspective, is still a little too heavy to be considered a light WM.

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    Re:Light WMs

    Waimea if you like to have good looking themes

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    Re:Light WMs

    i've used icewm for years. it's good enough to use on my Athlon XP2100+ but fast enough to use my old K6-2 333Mhz

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    Re:Light WMs


    pk understated the sacredness of tabs. Once yous tart using them, all other WM's just dont seem as cool anymore because nobody else does it ;D

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    Re:Light WMs

    I vote for Fluxbox as well. Later switch ot Enlightenment when E17 is released.

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    Re:Light WMs

    I say fluxbox. The tabs are cool, I just wish they would line up when you maximised all the windows.

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    Re:Light WMs

    [quote author=CP link=board=6;threadid=5888;start=0#56242 date=1040261685]
    I say fluxbox. The tabs are cool, I just wish they would line up when you maximised all the windows.

    I agree, that's the biggest flaw with the tabs that i've been able to find! If they did that i would probably use flux as my main WM instead of KDE.

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    Re:Light WMs

    IceWM. Fast, light and very powerful. I used it for years before going to KDE, and would still use it on lower end machines.

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