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Thread: User mode linux

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    User mode linux

    Has anyone ever heard of User mode linux? From what ive seen its used much like VMware but only for linux. It has different kernals that you can d/l and run. Its available at: if anyone else would like to check it out.


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    Re:User mode linux

    i tried it a while back, its pretty cool, you can screw with things without fear of destroying your box. if i start module programming ill do it from usermode, i started once before without it, my box felt like windows it was crashing so much.

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    Re:User mode linux

    how hard was it to install and config? Remember im still a newb.


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    Re:User mode linux

    i dont remember any difficulties, why not try and post if you have issues?

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    Re:User mode linux

    good point. I will TRY to d/l it tonite and see what i can get done.

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    Re:User mode linux

    I just read an article about it and it does seem interesting. I may give it a shot!

    10Dedfish, did you eva try this?

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