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Thread: cga's rootin' tootin' software roundup

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    cga's rootin' tootin' software roundup

    As the new year approaches, I thought I'd round up my choices for software on my Linux box. I have gone through darn near everything, tried out various things, and have largely settled into a nice suite of programs and applications on my system. The big changes in 2002 for me were the switch from Mandrake to SuSE and the move from IceWM to KDE 3 and a chunk of KDE applications.

    And so, without further ado;

    Browser- Konqueror. I love Konqueror and use it for basic file management, FTP and web browsing. I do find occasional pages that are problematic in Konq, but they are few and far between, and usually minor. I don't even have Mozilla installed anymore, I am a 100% Konqueror user (well, 99%, as I do use w3m too).

    E-mail- Kmail. A great mail client. Easy, clean, very functional. I think Mutt is more powerful, but I prefer a nice GUI these days, and Kmail delivers the goods.

    Editors- Kate, Ted and Pico. I use Kate for HTML and Pico for editing system files and other quick tasks at the CLI. Kate rocks- very easy to use and feature rich and more like BBEdit or Textpad than a *nix editor. It does what I need it to do, and that's all I ask of an editor. Ted is killer little simple word processor which I devoted a thread to- I love it.

    Graphics- Gimp and ImageMagick. I use only a fraction of the capabilities of these programs, but they are indispensable. I plan to learn how to use Gimp better in the new year.

    Math- Gnuplot. I use this to do some minor stuff for work. I hope to delve a little more into it this year.

    Desktop- KDE. Konqueror, Kmail and Kate get separate mention due to there heavy usage, but there are gobs of KDE applets that I use, be it the KDE task manager, various monitoring tools, device mounters, calculators, multimedia tools, GUI configuration tools and Konsole, the KDE terminal emulator, which is just a wonderful app.

    <Edit- added Ted under editors>
    <Edit- dropped vim (see new thread)- added Pico>

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    Re:cga's rootin' tootin' software roundup

    What ever happened to cga, I like it...

    KDE is great...

    I think I'll just add my tools of the trade here:

    OS: Gentoo GNU/Linux
    DE: KDE 3.0.5a (currently holding out for 3.1 to enter gentoo stable - although the 3.1 rcs are great)
    Mail: KMail + SpamAssassin perfect combo to weed out that ugly spam
    Browser: Konqueror (sans Java and Flash)
    Movie player: MPlayer
    Music player: Noatun
    Backup: k3b
    IM: Kopete (but I've recently rediscovered SIM which is very nice for ICQ only)

    Work: KDevelop + KVim/Vim (GVim when on Win32)
    Play: UT

    other tools worth mentioning:
    dvdrip, konsole, Portage, KNode...

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