Lately I've been having boot problems with some distros, such as RedHat 8.0, Mandrake 9.0, Lycoris, Archlinux, YOS and LRs Linux.

After installing them, and try to boot from hard drive, i get kernel panic error message, mostly about make sure init=root or something similar to that. I check & double checked and the root is set up correctly from what I can see.

I have a 40gb Maxtor IDE drive and I already have Win98, WinXP on the first two partitions. I have Slackware 8.0 and Debian 3.0 installed into the extended partitions and they boot without any problems from HD or floppy disk.

I have repartition the drive to add a small boot partition at the beginning of drive and still have the kernel panic with the above mention distros. LRs and YOS will boot if I use Slack's boot disk to mount their partitions.

Can anybody give me some insight into what may be the problem? Why does Slack & Debian boot without problems, are they just that good?

I've checked the cd discs, which were burned, and they seem to be okay. I even bought MDK 9.0 cd from and it still doing same error.