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Thread: SUPER universal remote

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    SUPER universal remote

    my family just got a dvd play so i set that up in the living room, then my mom decides we should put our sound system there and have surround sound, so i did that and now we have a killer sound system.

    problem is there are 3 remotes... are there universals that can do sound and dvd and tv? where from?

    thank yah

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    Re:SUPER universal remote

    You need a learning remote. They do just that. On our VCR remote there are 15 buttons that are learning buttons, so it reduced out remotes to 1, rather than 3. I have no idea where you'd get one from though.

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    Re:SUPER universal remote

    i just got one from kmart that does the satilite, tv, dvd, vcr and stereo - for about $25 - its a jenson.

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    Re:SUPER universal remote
    Ooohhh, does everything you want, but it is expensive.

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    Re:SUPER universal remote

    Yeah, I have three remotes- tv, DVD and receiver. I have looked at universial remotes, but they seem to have way too many buttons and features. I want something really simple to use, with only the important buttons.

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    Re:SUPER universal remote

    Oh! I want the same thing. We've got one remote from Adelphia that controls our TV, digital cable box, and VCR, & another remote for the DVD. I want them all combined. ;D

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