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Thread: Prezies, list them here...

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    Prezies, list them here...

    Yup, it's the 24th of Dec, and the time is... 09.35pm, the prezies are unwrapped...

    Got a blender, a new keyboard (nice USB one... mmm) and underwear??? from my gf
    Lots of socks from her family, plus some "take my daughter the hell out of my house" gifts from my mother in law.
    Some CDs from various family.. Audioslave(2 times) and Sting - Brand new day.
    And from my parents, a pair of nice new jeans... which is important because frankly, I need females to shop clothes for me, because otherwise I come home with hardware instead.

    oh and.... Seasonal greetings from Denmark, well gotta get back to the family now...

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    I got lots of chocolate and Robert Kiyosaki's latest book - Prophecy. I also got a book voucher and some money

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    I'll be getting this really spiffy clamp on desk lamp (my room is rather dark at night). My uncle is sending me something too but I have no clue what.

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    I got a new TV (my old one has a flaky tuner. If I end up disappearing for a few days, that would mean I got enough balls to fuck with my old TV and electrocuted myself)

    Some tools. I didnt really need any, but my dad found some cool locking wrenches, kinda like vise-grips, but not, slightly different.

    And of course my grandma gave me enough money to camp at a bar all weekend and get really piss drunk.

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    I received Will Smith's new cd Born to Reign, his new movie MIB II and Adidas Cologne and Aftershave. Oh yeah I almost forgot, becuase I got to open it early, my Netgear MR314 router. These are from my wife.

    My mother in-law and sister in-law are coming from Colorado and my sister in-law is bringing me back my old AMD K6-2 333MGhz PC that I fudged together myself (SWEET I'll now have 2 linux PCs and both running FAH!!!!! ;D) Then my mother in-law is gonna take me somewhere to get me something for x-mas!

    Then we still haven't received my parents presents yet, we weren't able to go home this X-mas so they are shipping the presents to us.

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    wireless ap and card
    hoodies (including a got root one! [grimey, you cant wear yours on the same day as me])
    shirts (even a custom made one featuring my bot aim CupCakeWeasel)
    dvd player (for the whole family)
    pants... bit just one pair of real ones, then 2 pj pairs

    much goodness! ;D

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    Money, a new pair of jeans, shorts and a tshirt, and some underwear, and junk food, and more money

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    an electric razor, gloves, spongebob boxers, and slippers.

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    I got a new force feedback gamepad, Black & White ( so addictive ), a hoodie, a shirt, socks, boxers, and a wad of cash(all from family) and my gf gave me a stuffed penguin (can you say hell yea?), a hat, a real nice photo, a bunch of chocolate mmm and more chocolates

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    Re:Prezies, list them here...

    [quote author=C++PHREAK link=board=14;threadid=5938;start=0#56675 date=1040869370]
    my gf gave me a stuffed penguin (can you say hell yea?)

    Ahh a woman of great taste...

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