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    Samba Server Help

    Dear all...

    I am facing a problem..I have two series and the other is series..both he network are in different workgroup(A and B). I have a samba server configured for A. And i have a firewall which is in the network that is the difault gateway for all the systems in that network.. I have to connect the second network through samba server using an extra NIC(Workgroup B ( after that i need to connect my second network to the internet. so how should i configure my new NIC in the samba server inorder to get access to the second network to the internet??? Also i need to share some directories through samba also.. So can anyone help me to get it done????

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    Try this link which shows how to convert a Linux box into a simple router. Use this to set up your Samba box.

    Your firewall also needs some configuration. You'll will have to:

    1. Have a route statement to the network via the samba box's 200.1.1x IP address

    2. (If the firewall is using NAT to get to the Internet) Make sure the firewall is configured to NAT the traffic it recieves from the and networks to whatever your firewall's NAT IP address is.

    To set up SAMBA shares check this link:

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