Hello, you might know me from other threads such as Ext2 is the Bane of my Existance or...well..I've had a few.

I decided to give Reiser another try (I hate you Lovechild) and everything went ducky till the grub install (I hate you Lovechild). I mounted the drive in Gentoo with the -o notail option like the FM said and when I type grub and

enter root (hd0,12) it tells me: File system type unknowm, Partition type 0xb. I also tried another partition (fat32) which it read and typing setup (hd0) gave me another funky error that I wasn't smart enough to write down.

My question is (I still hate you Lovechild) where did ASCI go wrong (aside listening to LoveChild) and how can he fix it (with or without help from LoveChild). ;D