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Thread: ISA Sound Card

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    I used a 486 dx2 66 for a while and mp3's were fine.. (Back in 99, so maybe new music won't play right (j/k!!!!))

    I mean, for just playing mp3's .. we're talking no GUI, and mpg123? That shouldn't take much power at all..

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    I know my DX2/66 w/ 16 megs of ram couldnt play them, no matter how they were encoded, but then, the hard drive was piss ass slow and it was upgraded as far as it would go on an old mobo....but the sound was good, an old soundblaster16 clone...

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    ya, no gui, just command line

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    I had my MP3 player project on an old Pentium 75MHz, and as long as you have plenty ram mp3 decoding should be fine. However to avoid skipping and soundcracles you should use a -ck kernel with preempt, low latency, read latency2 and alsa sound enabled.

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    [quote author=cj171 link=board=16;threadid=5921;start=0#56535 date=1040697729]
    aww crap, mines an early one, like a 36mhz or something...and its a elektek..they made it so the processor was soldered to the mobo..and it wasnt even an intel looks to be TI or something...

    There are a lot of variables other than the processor speed that are more important here...

    1.) RAM load - the more the better.
    2.) Spindle speed of the Hard Drive - faster the better
    3.) Buss speed of Hard Drive Controller - hopefully this is a PCI controller. If it's ISA, it'll need a healthy cache to play MP3s.
    4.) Motherboard support chipset and BIOS - hopefully this is a post '93 BIOS?

    That said, let's visit the CPU issue: what you have sounds like either a TI 486SLC or DLC, probably a 40 MHz. IF it's an SLC, don't even attempt to use it to play MP3s - it's a souped-up 386SX. If you need one, I think I may have a 486 motherboard laying around somewhere you can use. PM me if you are interested - I believe it's a DX2/66 but can't remember if it's PCI capable or not, don't think so... Let me go look if you're interested.

    Later On,

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    Try to find an old Adlib Gold. Those cards rox0r! Are they supported in Linux though? :P

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    Spindle speed for MP3 player... not important, go for space not speed...

    think about it, loading mp3s doesn't take all that long - get more RAM instead...

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    ya, its a, is ur mobo pci interface? and do u have a processor to go along with it?
    btw. what lightweight distro would u guys recomend for a 486?

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    Re:ISA Sound Card

    [quote author=cj171 link=board=16;threadid=5921;start=0#58371 date=1043120966]
    btw. what lightweight distro would u guys recomend for a 486?

    Either slackware or debian. Highly configurable and with those distros you can usually place a very minimal install on your hard drive, thus maximizing space for the mp3's.

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