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Thread: debian or redhat?

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    debian or redhat?

    So debian or redhat?

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    i like both!! what do ya wnat it for?

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    I would say debian, because apt-get is my hero! ;D but I guess it does depend slightly on what you plan on using it for.

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    I'd say debian mainly cause of apt-get. Although Redhat does have more up to date software. So does Debian if you want to go testing though. Hmmm, thats a tricky decision.

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    That really depends of what you are planning to use it for and
    where it is to be used. I prefer Debian, especially on servers... but
    in many areas RH is definately the choice to stick with.


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    Re:debian or redhat?

    Almost all of my server boxes are Debian mainly because I can scale up the install from minimum to the point where I needed. I like Red Hat on my desktop box since it has a nice set up and all that stuff without needing to do a lot extra and I don't really care about the space and how many modules it got loaded when I start my box as long as it runs well.

    Yeah, so it really depends on what you need to do. Red Hat can be a good server as well if you ask me.

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    [quote author=pinehead link=board=1;threadid=5907;start=0#56234 date=1040258601]
    So debian or redhat?
    As a Mandrake and Suse user that was just intoduced to Debian and as a very former Redhat user I can say Debian is the way to go by a long shot, and the other comments about apt-get say it all.

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    Both and neither. It all depends, as most everyone else has previously stated.

    If you need to be able to use a variety of software that is very up-to-date, then go with an rpm based distro. Rpm-based software seems to be better supported by the largest number of projects and developers.

    If rock-solid stable with a tiny footprint is what you are after and you don't need the most up-to-date software, then any deb based distro will do you well. Most of them allow you to load a very minimal base then allow you to update the whole thing with minimal fuss/muss (dependency hell is usually avoided by apt-get).


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    Re:debian or redhat?

    Why not install apt in RedHat, and get the best of both? ( I did)

    or if it wraps

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    Re:debian or redhat?

    Here are my $0.02 ....

    Red Hat for a desktop, Debian for a server.

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