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Thread: FAH spawning?

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    FAH spawning?

    Hello everyone,

    I was just curious if anyone knows if FahCore_65.exe gets spawned on your systems... I keep running top and I'm finding that I have more than 1 FahCore_65.exe running, to be precise I have 3 at the moment... I don't understand whats going on... Does anyone have any insight?

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    Re:FAH spawning?

    Now I have 6 FahCore_65.exes running ???

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    Re:FAH spawning?

    oh by the way I now have 16 FahCore_65.exe processes

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    Re:FAH spawning?

    Well I fixed it!!!

    I just stopped the process and then deleted all of the stuff that was put in the system by the script and d/led fresh stuff from stanford and I'm gonna run one of the scripts here on our site.

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