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Thread: Freak or Geek

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    Freak or Geek

    Nice and simple. Someone said I have a freakish amount of knowledge about computers, and therefore I'm a computer freak, but I would much rather be called a geek than a freak. What about the rest of you?

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    Well, taken that a geek is just someone, who spend alot of time with issues others arent interrested in, I woudl go for geek.

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    Neither, I'm Batman...

    I hate it when people call me freak... if they do so I tell them that I dislike it and that if they insist on calling me that they shouldn't expect me to fix their computer.

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    hey --

    read the sig

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    Geek all the way, but i would rather just being called by my name

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    What are ya, a bunch of geeks? I take the word freak as a compliment. (I'm kind of geeky too, but I like being a freak better.)

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    Eh, I guess geek, though people have called me a freak many times cause of my weird sense of fashion.

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    Re:Freak or Geek

    the world is hacker.
    if not hacker nerd. if not nerd geek. freak sounds like someone unintelligent.

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    Re:Freak or Geek


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    Re:Freak or Geek

    I take geek over computer nerd any day. The other day a person from work passed my desk and saw my born to frag poster and my suse nametag holder and she asked me what suse was and what the poster ment. Before I said a word she said.. "Oh! You are a computer nerd aren't you?!"

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