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Thread: Wish me luck, please

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    [quote author=Izan Seth link=board=21;threadid=5878;start=0#56438 date=1040562188]
    Well as it turns out the interview went quite well. I got the call from my boss Friday at about 4:30 pm and he offered me the position! So I took it and I start working January 6th. So FINALLY I got a job!!! Next, get me an IT job!!!! ;D But for now I'm gonna be content about having this job!!!

    Thanx everyone for wishing me luck!!!

    If you are helping me by spreading my resume and/or were just helping try to get a job, please know that I still want an IT job so if there are still people that you know that might hire in the NC area in the next few months OR anywhere after June 30th (damn lease). Just wanted you guys to know what was up!!

    Awesome news, man. This is probably the best Christmas gift anyone could really hope for. So stinkin' sweet!

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    whoo hooo!!! i am quite glad to hear this

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    Terrific news! Well done.

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    ;D Cool deal, I hope all goes well for you.

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    Re:Wish me luck, please


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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    Damn Dude, where were you 3 months ago! This guy I knew was looking for an entry level IT guy, .. Couldn't find anyone so he hired his nephew after the nephew demonstrated how easy it was to hack the locking screensaver in Windows95B (amazingly enough, he also managed to change the screensaver .. I never knew you could edit the text it displayed!)

    Okay, cruel joke, but the truth within is more painful than the joke, no? I mean, half the people I know in "IT" got in through that sort of situation (with about that much knowledge.)

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    Hey guys I just thought I would give everyone an update. The job is going pretty good... Pretty boring, so I'll prbably be doing alot of computer stuff at work for my home PCs... I think I got my router setup correctly so that the outside world can see my selected services. I guess we'll see on Monday Oh they ordered me Dreamweaver MX so thats cool, looks REALLY NICE. Gonna be doing some BASIC webpage creation... Professors' homepages and syllabi things like that... Other than that answering the phones, copying stuff and ordering around the student workers I'm not doing much. The students are going to to be back though on Monday, that should be fun :-\

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    Congrats Izan!!!!! Good to see you are enjoying the University job. Well, you are sort of. You'll get an IT position no prob. Give it a bit. You work on a PC now right? You'll show some knowledge at that job, and when you apply for an IT job you'll have some good references there at the University. Have fun with Dreamweaver. ;D

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    i work IT and i do the same thing izan does, so far the wackiest thing someones done was the dean. she gave me an external zip drive to install on her computer and gave me printer drivers to install it : so after i downloaded them and got the zipdrive working she goes "so can i open .zip files now?" it was a good laugh. my friend tells me he was working on this girls computer with winXP and they found naked pictures of her on it. she hid them pretty well but it was nothing a search for .jpgs couldnt handle ;D so i guess IT has its advantages. my other friend stole an ip from a downed faculty machine and would plug his computer into the network uncapped and unrestricted. and every semester hed just go "can i get the closet key" and would switch the cables right back in again hehe

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    Re:Wish me luck, please

    Geez....You guys got off lucky. I got the royal punishment my first week. I had to setup a MCSA class lab, with 11 computer running Win2K Server. 9 as DC's, and 2 as DNS servers. Those had to be set with a routable IP scheme. The main DNS had to link to a router to the outside external network with a private IP sceme, but then had to turn it into a DNS server for the rest of the lab so that the rest of the lab could not be seen be the external world since all systems had to have internet access (and to the fact that they were setup as domain controllers. Don't ask me why). Other than that, running plenum cable through the ceiling, setting up various other Win labs, and troubleshooting throughout the entire building has been less painfull.

    *Kernel_Killer crosses his fingers for the day they want the Linux lab to be sooner than expected.

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