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Thread: Linux Printing

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    Linux Printing

    Just curious to see how many people here are printing from there *nix boxes... I haven't had the ambition to get my Lexmark Z31 working in RH8.0 yet but I hear that there is a new(er) driver that people have got working with it. Now after doing some research I am thinking about going out and getting an HP DeskJet, they appear to have the best printing support for *nix.

    Oh yeah and if you are printing what printer are you using and what printing system are you using (i.e. CUPS, lpr, etc, etc)? If you are not printing could you list what it is that is stopping you from printing from your *nix box?

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    Re:Linux Printing

    I have printed from my Gnu/Linux box before (Through to my Gnu/Linux file/print server) but I've actually not needed to print anything for about a year.

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    Re:Linux Printing

    I wish I had printing going... of course, I've only spent a few hours on it so far.

    Anyone have some tips on printing to a Jet Direct based LaserJet 5?

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    Re:Linux Printing

    hey people,
    i use linux as a printer server for the wife and i print plenty too (well, i could if i needed to). cups or LPD work quite well.

    for a jet direct are ya connected by ethernet or paralell port?

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    Re:Linux Printing

    Not even sure what this is even all about but it has info on getting an HP LaserJet 5 printing in linux here . You might want to dig around hps site if this isn't useful they have what looks like GREAT linux support. HP also has a sourceforge site here. One more site that might help is the site for your printer. Hopefully someone else might be able to be of more specific help if these things don't work out for you.

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    Re:Linux Printing

    Got it.

    Added the printer IPs to my /etc/hosts (no dns for print devices) just to make it easy. Fired up cupsd, then mozilla. Went to http://localhost:631 and set it up as a lpd protocol and just pointed to lpd://LabPrinter. And then I beat my head for hours. Turns out I was using a plain old LJ5, which doesn't gr0k postscript. Funny though, 'cause I was using the driver recommended for it. Anyway, I change to a different printer (LJ5m) which is the same printer but it gr0ks ps, and everything is fine.

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    Re:Linux Printing

    I'm printing through my CUPS printer service 8)

    BTW pharris did you ever cups working?

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    Re:Linux Printing

    Epson Stylus 740 Color

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    Re:Linux Printing

    I have my HP DeskJet 722Cse working great with Red Hat 7.3 desktop. I used extensively for Kword and KPresenter while I was taking classes.

    Now that I want to establish print server on Debian box but not many are able to help out here from CLI point of view. GUI tools in Red Hat works great though.

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    Re:Linux Printing

    I had my HP 932C working fine under Mandrake 8.0 way back when. I'm running Debian 3.0 (woody) right now, and I need to setup my printer. It detects it, but I haven't tried to configure it yet :-[ hehe. I'm lazy. :P ;D

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