I went to dyndns.org and created my domains, with my IP. Please note that my IP is dynamic, but I don't mind going to dyndns.org to manually update my IP's on my domains when need be. My IP's hardly change, every couple of months or so. I know there are "clients" that can automatically send my IP to the dyndns.org server, but I chose not to go that route.

My operating system is Debian Libranet. The box that I plan on eventually setting up as the mail server/ web server/ print server, is stashed away in the attic. Soon I'll take what I learn on this box and move it to that other box. That's my goal anyway.

I have searched for hours on end to locate a good tutorial on setting up an email server on Debian, to meet my simple need: to serve emails to my wife and I, and maybe her sister's family....using a dyndns.org domain we created.

For example, my wife would have an email address of "wife@thewhalens.dyndns.org" and my email address might be "husband@thewhalens.dyndns.org"....Oh , her sister's email address might be "sister@thewhalens.dyndns.org".

All we'd want is for people to be able to email us, and we'd receive our email on our linux box, then perhaps later when i set up an email server, on the email server. at that point they could log into the email server and check their email.

I really don't know anything more to say, other than it is less important to us which type of MTA we use (sendmail, qmail, etc.), just important that we can have our own email accounts.