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Thread: need help with scanner

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    need help with scanner

    Our scanner is an HP OfficeJet G85 copier/fax/scanner/printer. I tried using xSane to find the scanner, but it can't locate it. Maybe I did something wrong. I always get the serial ports and parallel ports messed up, so I'm not sure which port the printer is connected to. It's the big port, that's all I know.

    My wife is really wanting to start working on some Christmas card stuff, and we need the scanner. But, unless I get this scanner working soon, Windows will be going back on at least one of the hard drives. Please help me with this. Is there another open source product I could use to meet my needs? Thanks.

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    Re:need help with scanner

    I have never set up a scanner so I can't help you with that but I figured I'd tell you the big one is the parallel port.

    Someone else will probably chime in with some help setting up the scanner though.

    Good luck.

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    Re:need help with scanner

    have a look here

    it looks like everything except for scanning works

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    Re:need help with scanner

    How does xsane not locate the scanner? Error messages, etc... What did you do to try and make it work? Have you tried usb? What distro do you use?

    A google search tells me that the device is - with the exception of the fax fuctionality (which imo doesn't need a PC attached anyway) - fully supported. So... there's hope

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    Re:need help with scanner

    DOH!! i meant faxing... scanning should work nicely, are you using USB or the paralell port?

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