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Thread: GLO Faqs

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    GLO Faqs

    Hey guys.
    ive decided to work on the Glo faqs, upgrading it for phpnuke etc (shuttup JimH :P :P)
    i would appreciate it if you guys took a look at them and made some suggestions for additions/changes


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    Re:GLO Faqs

    i have an idea. How about we have a small faq on what all the "pieces" of linux are. Such as, X, window manager, modules, kernel, and filestructure. Half the difficulty with learning linux is that you are not familiar with the names of stuff, or what they do. matter of fact, maybe we can incorporate that getting started guide that we on the home page into this. :P

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    Re:GLO Faqs

    might be better as an article.

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    Re:GLO Faqs

    maybe. Hmm

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    Re:GLO Faqs

    get onto it, boy!

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    Re:GLO Faqs

    *shrugs and skribbles on list on things to do

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