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Thread: Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

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    Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

    hello all,

    I am stoked to announce that I will be able to give you all a review of the Netgear MR314 Cable/DSL 802.11b Router with 4 ethernet ports after X-mas. ??? How you wonder, do I know that I will be able to provide this review for you all? Ok I'll tell you!!! ;D I just went to Staples with my wife to pick it up for an X-mas present... I had a $50 gift card and there was a sale plus a rebate on it... I think it was on sale for $99.99 with a $30 mail in rebate!!!! So I will get it for like $10 ok well $20 ( I got the warranty upgrade ) The sale is going on until the 14th I believe.

    Netgears Site one may not work so the item number to search for is 479527

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    Re:Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

    groovy man! my rt314 is sweet!

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    Re:Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

    I must make a slight edit my review should be soon... I awoke this morning to a note from my wife stating that she was joking and to hook it up... So I did!!!! Everything is running smoothly so far :P

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    Re:Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

    I have a question... when/if I should ever need to expand my network(wired) All I have to do is plug a Hub into one of those 4 ports in this thing and set the others up like the current ones and it should work correct?

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    Re:Netgear MR314 wired/wireless router

    when thinking like that disregard the method used to interconnect, but concern yourself moreso on the protocol. So if you are going to stick with TCP/IP, then make sure that each PC has the proper support and is configured properly (ie, on the same subnet) and you can rock and roll.

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