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Thread: The Windows Equivalents

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    The Windows Equivalents

    Hey I am looking for a couple of apps, that are as good as Dreamweaver Mx/4 and Photoshop. Thanks =)

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    Dreamweaver = any Linux text editor will work fine. ;D
    Seriously, Openoffice has tools for creating webpages. I have used IBM's WebSphere.

    For replacing Photoshop, you want to try the Gimp or Corel PhotoPaint 9.

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    Hmm I would prefer something that is based only on Webdevelopment, like Dreamweaver, i tried OOo but it was slow. Thanks for trying though mate. I am going to boost your karma for helping =D ;D

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    well there is nothing that is absolutely on par with either application. The GIMP is good but it does not have the colour possibilities that Photoshop has (this according to a professional graphics person that has used both that i know) and most of the applications i have seen that are for making web pages requires you to know HTML, etc at least a little bit.

    a combination of a good text editor and bluefish satisfy me. this way i can control exactly what gets coded. this reduces the over abundance of bad code that plagues the internet. I understand that the newest dreamweaver is not as bad for using extra code but it still does do it. sadly though many browsers these days accept perfectly bad code and portray exactly what you want.

    mozilla has/had some capabilities to make web pages but you will have to edit the resulting code as it throws in tons of extra code that is not needed at all.

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    Oh ok well thanks for telling me. You have been helpful

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    oh don't get discouraged learning HTML is not all that hard and ultimately you can be alot more creative. when i get home i will provide some more links for you to help you get started.

    actually here is the only link you really need.


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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    oh thankyou v.much :-)

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    I am not aware of any WYSIWYG HTML editors that really stand out for linux, but when I do web programming I use vim. True, I am writing php/perl/html but it colors all the syntax and makes it nice and pretty.

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    I would have to agree with the text editor suggestions, it may take a little longer to make the page, but overall you'll save time by not having to clean up the code at all. (in my opinion at least) I suggest learning HTML, it's well worth the time and effort. also has some good webbing tutorials (including HTML of course)

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    Re:The Windows Equivalents

    Actually, there is a great little tool named HTML-Tidy that does an excellent job of cleaning up code for you.

    As the others have said, there is nothing equal to Dreamweaver in terms of WYSIWYG, but if you are willing to work with the tags directly, there is Quanta, an app that is very similar to Homesite. HTML is really pretty easy to learn.

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