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From the company that brought you your 3d support (maybe)
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Thread: From the company that brought you your 3d support (maybe)

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    From the company that brought you your 3d support (maybe)

    Woohoo new nVidia release!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by linux-gamers.net
    NVidia has released a new version of its Accelerated Linux Driver Set with accelerated 2D functionality and high performance OpenGL support to Linux x86/x86-64.

    The long awaited 64bit version of the driver supports now the 32bit compatibility mode. The use of the 4k-stack kernels is now integrated and it works with the REGPARM option. Really new is the support for the GeForce 6800 series, PCI-Express and the nvidia-settings panel.

    Some screenshots of the nvidia-settings panel can be found here.

    According to NVIDIA version 1.0-6106 offers the following new features:

    * Added support for GeForce 6800 series of GPUs
    * Added support for PCI-Express
    * Added support for GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language).
    * Added support for GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object.
    * Fixed problem that prevented 32-bit kernel driver from running on certain AMD64 CPUs.
    * Added support for ACPI
    * Added support for 4kstack kernels.
    * Added configuration utility "nvidia-settings". For details, see the user guide
    * Added a shell script "nvidia-bug-report.sh" that gathers system configuration information into a log file; the resulting log file (nvidia-bug-report.log) should be included when reporting bugs to NVIDIA.
    * Added a new Xv adaptor on GeForce4 and GeForce FX which uses the 3D engine to do Xv PutImage requests.
    * View the README (Text Version) for more information on this release.

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    wow. It's good to see that companies are really starting to notice linux. Has anyone noticed that some of the newest games also has Linux in the requirements? On the box of the newest Unreal Tournament 2004, it says the requirements are an operating system such as windows 98/me/2000/xp. or Linux. Although it doesn't official support linux, it is good to see that things seem to be getting more popular on the linux front.
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