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Thread: how come in rh8.0 i cannot "see" my windows partitions?

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    Re:how come in rh8.0 i cannot "see" my windows partitions?

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=2;threadid=5803;start=0#55394 date=1039402384]
    good tip Mikie!

    Yeah, one needs several things to make a mount work

    1) Proper source
    2) Know the FS type. IE. fat32, ext3, reiserfs ...
    3) Existing mountpoint.
    4) Superuser access (or, root)

    With those one can mount any fs to a mount point. And this holds true to every UNIX flavor I have touched.

    Is knowing the FS type even that ipmortant anymore... why not do auto and it finds out for you?

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    Re:how come in rh8.0 i cannot "see" my windows partitions?

    yeah, cuz ntfs is not safe for r/w mode. Knowing that can save you a fucked FS. Other FS's can be the same or maybe not. Gotta know to be certain.

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