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Thread: what would u guys charge for this mobo?

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    what would u guys charge for this mobo?

    Ok, to fund an upcoming ram purchase, I have an M6TLC mobo with a celeron slot1 300mhz chip. There is 192 Meg of ram in it which will go with the mobo. Anyone have a decent idea of what to sell this thing for?

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    Re:what would u guys charge for this mobo?

    If that's a Biostar M6TLC, not very much.
    * Intel Pentium II 
    * Celeron Processor up to 500 MHz 
    * Slot 1 Processor support 
    * Intel 440LX 
    * Three 168-pin DIMM Sockets 
    * Supports SDRAM/EDO (3.3V) 
    * Up to 768MB Memory 
    * 3 x ISA Slots 
    * 4 x PCI Slots 
    * 1 x AGP Slot 
    * 2 x Ultra DMA/33 Bus Master IDE ports 
    * 2 x USB ports on board 
    * PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard Connectors 
    * 1 x FDD, 2 x Serial Ports, 1 x Parallel 
    * IrDA Support 
    * ATX Form Factor 
    * Dimension: 30.5cm x 19.0cm (W x L)
    Intel 440LX---I believe the first chipset for P-II/Celeron
    DMA/33---OK for older systems like this, but pretty slow.
    Celeron 300---Better then a Pentium, I guess.
    No more than $20 for the mainboard, $20 for the CPU and $15 for the RAM.
    If I had the cash, I'd probably take it from you for $65...possibly up to $80.

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    Re:what would u guys charge for this mobo?

    Questions like this are always difficult to answer "correctly". We tend to attach more emotional value to old components than they actually possess. A good way to examine this is to compare prices. For instance, the new ECS Elitegroup motherboard I've been running since October was on sale at ECP Computers & More in Beaumont, TX for $99 with a 1.3 GHz Duron CPU included. 256 megs of SDRAM 133 brought the total to $144 or so, tax included (I commute through Beaumont once a month, and usually stop in at ECP every chance I get...)

    The board you want to sell is worth whatever the buyer pays for it, ultimately. Good luck selling it. Price it reasonably, and it'll move.

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    Re:what would u guys charge for this mobo?

    Well, at computer geeks they are selling a slot1 333mhz celeron for $15. You might want to cross-reference your motherboard/cpu/ram with companies that sell used/older components.


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    Re:what would u guys charge for this mobo?

    You could easily sell one of those for $50. These things are hard to come by anymore. Find the right buyer (mainly on eBay) and you have some extra cash. ;D

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