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Thread: Header files in slackware

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    Header files in slackware

    I'm trying to compile a module for a nic card. The last two header files its looking for are: pci-scan.h kern_compat.h I'm missing both, the site I got the code from had a link to get these, but its now dead. Anyone know an alternate route?

    If not, how about a cheep nic that that plays nice. (I cant really bitch, I got 4 out of 6 oddball old nics to work out of my junk heap)


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    Re:Header files in slackware

    are you running a 2.2 kernel? i thought those were for the rt8139 cards, which are supported out of the box.

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    do a google on each file. Chances are good it'll lead you to the right place. And if it is an rtl8139, it is supported by any relatively modern kernel.

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    Slack 8.1---2.4.18

    The card is a 3com --its a 3c905--the driver is a scyld creation. The driver on the 3com site only supports the 3c905b and 3c905c cards---they have a link to the scyld corp's code.

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    All google stuff I can find seem to relate to the scyld site, or is very outdated. Hmm....

    How about a nic that plays nice?

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    If your card is a 3C905, I am pretty sure it is supported by the kernel. You may need to recompile, though. I'll have to check my box when I get home. I thing it uses the 3c90X driver(Vortex/Boomerang.) My onboard nic is 3C920/3C905C-compatible, and that is what it uses. You shouldn't need to compile a driver at all if using that kernel. Try doing a modprobe 3c90x.
    I think the Realtek/Dlink cards are supported, and pretty cheap. I bought one for $10-15.

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    Nope the one in the kernel is only for 3c905b and 3c905c.

    Oh well :P

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    Are you sure?

    This is what it says on /etc/rc.d/rc.modules:

    # Other network hardware drivers:
    # 3com 3c501 (consider buying a new card, since the 3c501 is slow,
    # broken, and obsolete):
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c501
    # 3com 3c503:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c503
    # 3com 3c505:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c505
    # 3com 3c507:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c507
    # 3com 3c509 and 3c579:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c509
    # 3com 3c515:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c515
    # This one works for all 3com 3c590/3c592/3c595/3c597 and the
    # EtherLink XL 3c900 and 3c905 cards:
    #/sbin/modprobe 3c59x
    # Apricot Xen-II on board Ethernet:
    #/sbin/modprobe apricot
    # Generic ARCnet support:
    #/sbin/modprobe arcnet
    # AT1700/1720 support:
    #/sbin/modprobe at1700
    # AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek pocket adapter support:
    #/sbin/modprobe atp
    # BPQ Ethernet driver:
    #/sbin/modprobe bpqether
    # Generic DECchip & DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA:
    #/sbin/modprobe de4x5
    # D-Link DE600 pocket adapter support:
    #/sbin/modprobe de600
    # D-Link DE620 pocket adapter support:
    #/sbin/modprobe de620

    It doesn't say anything about -c or -b.

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    Re:Header files in slackware

    Thanks trickster, I was making things much too hard on myself. I ended up buying a couple more nic's before reading your reply, but the 3c59x module worked fine. When I actually tried it.

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