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Thread: Cheap Rack server?

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    Cheap Rack server?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a cheap ($1500) rack linux server? I was looking into the Sun Fire VT100 but would rather keep the same platform throughout the company. No I dont want to put Linux on the Sun Sparc. :P I am only using it for 3 static web sites and about 100 or so e-mail addresses. Maybe a proxy in the future. What do ya guys think?

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    Re:Cheap Rack server?

    BTW, I think this is a great deal for a low end server; $389, or $488 with a P41.8ghz.

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    Re:Cheap Rack server?

    [quote author=trickster link=board=1;threadid=5779;start=0#55066 date=1039113738]
    BTW, I think this is a great deal for a low end server; $389, or $488 with a P41.8ghz.

    No crap, that is a great offer.

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    Re:Cheap Rack server?

    Hell yeah! Too bad I need a rack mount though. Maybe I can mount the sucker sideways. They do it with Apple G4 towers.

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    Re:Cheap Rack server?

    Well, you may be able to get away doing a bit of case modding. I'd be worth it.
    Heck, if I had money, I'd buy it for my home.
    Plus the Dell warranty has been great to me until now.

    If not, the price for the 350 is not bad either, and it is rack-mountable.

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    Re:Cheap Rack server?

    Or if you like IBM try:

    I just ordered about 7 boxes similar to these (some SCSI/RAID, some IDE).

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