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Thread: OpenBSD iso?

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    OpenBSD iso?

    I want try try openbsd is ther iso for it. I looked at the site and I dont see them. Or would I have to do a network install..

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    It looks like there is no official OpenBSD iso will have to see if they have a network install...

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    You could always look at to see if they have an ISO listed there

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    I already have checked.. No iso.. I tried to boot it's i386 boot disk and its stopped half way while it was booting up.... Maybe it's normal.. Well I'll leave it on for awhile to see what happens.

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    There are unofficial iso's but apart from that, you'll need to do a network install.

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    If you really want an iso, google should yield one. But the FTP install is a breeze. It is less than 100Mb for the most part. You will in the end have to use ports or grab a package from the ftp for gnome/kde/icewm and shit, but that really isnt necessary for a working system. I was doing install sizes of 30MB d/l and ~125MB footprint when all was ssaid in done for servers. The workstations I used, it inflated to just over a gig. Proves that RH8's 3 gig full install is a bit bloated ;D

    But the short answer is do the ftp install unless you are on dialup. The reason that there are no official iso's is to promote the sale of CDROM box sets. It should be stated on the website.

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    Yeah I read that. That's good but I just want to try it out. I was able to start the install but I am not sure if I will be able to keep my linux partitions. Maybe I just got to figure out how to use openbsd's fdisk.
    For some reasons the floppy only boots sometimes. Hopefully my next try it will boot up and not freeze. I am not sure why I have always has a difficult time booting any bsd disk.. Maybe its my hardware.

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    Re:OpenBSD iso? I sugest buying the Offical CD set if you enjoy OpenBSD.

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    Re:OpenBSD iso?

    Thanks for the linkage

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