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Thread: Mandrake Mouse Craziness

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    Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    I decided to give Mandrake 9.0 a good try, and everything is working great except one thing ... my mouse. It's driving me nuts! Every 10 secs or so it goes to the bottom right hand side and clicks anything in it's path (opening all kinds of stuff) I am using generic ps/2 with wheel ... my mouse is Logitech First/PilotWheel Mouse.

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    Are you using the correct mouse driver? If you've got a 2 button mouse, make sure the driver is set to PS/2, not ImPS/2.

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    And make sure gpm isn't running....

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    gpm takes care of the mouse in Mandrake ... it's running ...

    [ash@nwsupplies ash]$ ps ax | grep gpm
    18433 ?        S      0:00 gpm -t ps/2 -m /dev/psaux
    18477 pts/2    S      0:00 grep gpm
    [ash@nwsupplies ash]$

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    Wow, I can not find any text file to edit nor change gpm (or mousedrake) to get my mouse working properly. If you have a logitech mouse you might want to steer clear of Mandrake.

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    I played areound with Drake 9 for a bit to test the stuff out, and I only buy Logitech mice (and thus only had those to hook up). It worked fine. I would presume that there must be something incorrect mouse driver installed. I would try other mouse drivers. I have two USB mice, but I do have USB->PS/2 adapters laying around somewhere. I can see what RedHat 8 uses and let you try that if you want. Post back later with the driver.

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    Are you sure its Drake? It could be a short somewhere in the mouse/cable so it might be worth checking that.

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    Re:Mandrake Mouse Craziness

    Yeah it's most definatly Mandrake. It works fine under Slackware and Debian, but in Mandrake it's really, really finicky.

    I've also noticed that the more thats going on the worse it gets. (IE: compiling makes it more finicky)

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