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Thread: Googlism

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    Googlism will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!

    Try what Google thinks of Microsoft!

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    Hmm, it seems I'm "responsible for research and development in emmen". I googled emmen and it's a city in Holland.

    I also tried ursidae and got some really strange results:
    ursidae is late miocene to recent in north america
    ursidae is generally undetermined except for fig
    ursidae is already well underway
    ursidae is 2n = 74

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    bahahahaha this is as good as that twit who water cooled his pc by filling the case with water!

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    Googlism for: boblucci

    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about boblucci yet.

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    [quote author=ASCI_Blue link=board=17;threadid=5765;start=0#54980 date=1039032970]
    bahahahaha this is as good as that twit who water cooled his pc by filling the case with water!


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    pk is dead
    pk is dead by spinning kids
    pk is still alive
    pk is a new operating system kernel targeted for use in real
    pk is not generally acknowledged by scientists
    pk is proving itself to be the most effective dynamic cushion on the market for comfort
    pk is different

    that's classy!

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    demian is still quite lovely
    demian is the work of dutch designer jan van dijk
    demian is me
    demian is the primary lyricist
    demian is very happy today
    demian is not happy
    demian is so cute
    demian is a little drunk
    demian is not the son of satan
    demian is gone

    A little contradictory... Here's my all time favourite:

    demian is certainly a gay book about gay germans


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    Google knows an awful lot about me, here's a few

    lovechild is sheer plum with a little gold shimmer
    lovechild is a stunning mauvey plum shade with golden shimmer
    lovechild is a kaleidoscope look at contemporary
    lovechild is onitsuka's blessfully limited vocal range
    lovechild is one of the strongest women characters to come along in a while WHAT?
    lovechild is totally pointless
    lovechild is an issue of an unreleased album recorded in 1973 after the release of air cut
    lovechild is really abominable snowman
    lovechild is *not* psychic *or* alien
    lovechild is a very sick....
    lovechild is a consumate mat professional and a submission expert
    lovechild is the sexual bridge between rage & korn
    lovechild is nearing the age of ninety
    lovechild is not a human

    and finally my personal favorite

    lovechild is a must

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    I forgot, there's an extra treat if you search for cloverm.. it's all true !

    and here are some random LJR users:

    ngene is designed to deliver excellent performance
    - I bet she is...

    cybergal is your "first" priority here
    - she's my first priority too..

    mimi is killing me
    - What did I ever do to her?

    mimi is stripped of her garments
    - This I need to see

    mimi is a terrible flirt
    - see above...

    stryder is by far the coolest
    - Indeed

    stryder is my himalayan boy that is neutered now
    - *sob*

    stryder is a very handsome approximately 3 year old black and white rough coated neutered male border collie.

    gorn is made out of fiberglass
    - I knew there was something fishy about him

    gorn is the pinnacle of evolution on their original homeworld
    - so gorn is a fiberglass alien?....... ARRGH they have landed

    mountainman is not only challenging but beautiful
    - might be true...

    mountainman is right up my alley
    - amen

    schotty is no nonsense ball control coach and he is just what the doctor ordered
    - bartender... hit me..... hard

    kenshi is an evil character
    - See I told you...

    kenshi is quite humble
    - sure....

    kenshi is the best of all samurais
    - being spending a lot of time on those Ninja pages have we?

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    Some of thes confused me like this one

    cp is hereby relieved from the requirement to erect

    What does that mean ??? and here are some more
    cp is not a place
    cp is not ethical
    cp is on cn
    cp is against bus tv
    cp is conducting a survey on multi
    cp is no excuse for murder
    cp is diffeomorphic to cp #2cp
    cp is voluntary
    cp is hereby relieved from the requirement to erect
    cp is the director of pharmacy for a regional chain pharmacy
    cp is on radio listening silence ex
    cp is on cartoon network
    cp is not a context
    cp is difficulty in movement
    cp is the most common form of cp
    cp is directed toward kids
    cp is severe enough
    cp is white with red swirls
    cp is a beautiful purple bar
    cp is it doctor's fault??? help
    cp is it seizures?

    and my favourite

    cp is


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