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Thread: GUI FTP clients

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    yeah gftp if you have to go gui. Then for CLI nothring beats ncftp.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    Well, i'm now using gFTP and have no complaints.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    best gui is IglooFTP-PRO by far.

    i get problems sometimes with gftp but never with igloo.
    you can try the 30 trial if you like. reinstall after that.


    kbear is one you might want to check out too.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    SmartFTP if you are willing to go with the wine solution I loved this client back when I used windows. I asked the developers if they would consider porting it to linux and they replied stating that it would be bit too hard oh well.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    Nary a problem with gFTP.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    Kbear: I've used it and didn't really like it, it was alright but I found it to be slow, and crash quasi-frequently.

    wine: nope, not happening, native linux all the way for me ;D

    igloo: sounds like it might be good, but I'd much prefer a free one.

    And I haven't had any problems with gFTP so i'm gonna stick with it.

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    Re:GUI FTP clients

    I use FTP in Konqueror these days, and it works great. Also, the FTP in Midnight Commander is very good, though not really GUI.

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