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Thread: Dumb Dumb RAM Question

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    Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    You'll have to excuse my ignorance: I don't know my ass from my elbow about this subject without the help of a team of scientists.
    I just got a sweet line on 256M SDRAM from Micron. However, the RAM I have in my box right now is generic. Brand-name RAM and generic RAM do play nicely together, yes? If I pop this stuff in it won't blow up at me?

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    AFAIK it wouldn't hut. But, I hardly know anything. Soo...yeah. :-[ ???

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    Nothing will blow up. It might even work.

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    K based on what you guys said I threw it in. It was just me being paranoid. The thing absolutely soars...I've never seen it this fast. Thanks for the advice

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=3;threadid=5734;start=0#54803 date=1038879511]
    K based on what you guys said I threw it in. It was just me being paranoid. The thing absolutely soars...I've never seen it this fast. Thanks for the advice

    haha! Whatever. You know you were planning on throwing it in, no matter what we said. :P ;D

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    Most generic RAM is the bare minimum specs and lower quality while name brand is somewhat higher.
    The thing absolutely soars...I've never seen it this fast.
    Depending on the quality of the generic RAM, you'll probably see an even bigger speed increase if you take that out.

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    Okay, in 99% of the cases this should be errorfree, but in some rare cases the memory controller refuses to work with some chips.

    The only case I've heard of this is the cheap PQI PC133 (4x64megs) version which only works with VIA memory controllers.

    In anycase I wouldn't mix top quality ram with cheapo knockoffs unless it was the only way to get good performance, because this could affect stability quite a bit.

    One thing you can to do improve stability of ram modules is add ram block shields like the kit Thermaltake sells for a few bucks. I have this on my 512megs PQI cheapo block and I can now withstand a memtest86 test for 12 hours, in an overclocked enviroment (which is quite impressive considering that my ram is crap).

    with overclocked I mean that PQI chips are running over specs per default, their chips are 8ns for PC133, and the requirement to hit 133 is 7,5ns.. this is the equivilant of running PC100 ram as PC133. (I believe those are the correct numbers, anyways the chips are half a nanosec. to slow to reach minimum specs.)

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    Re:Dumb Dumb RAM Question

    What LC said plus a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is :

    Match speed ratings. Yeah, the PC133 will work fine with PC100 on a PC100 circuit, but the RAM circuits are designed to be run at a specific speed, and perform best at that speed. Basically boils down to the quality of the timing circuits.

    And along the circuit quality -- sticking to the same brand does help more than expected. Different vendors are better than others when it comes down to quality control. For example, Crucial has some of the best operations out there, and can be relied on heavily. But PNY has pissed me off to kingdom come. They have spewed more vomitous shit than any other vendor. The insult the good names of NEC, Mitsubishi, and Samsung when using their ICs. Mixing PNY with Crucial will yield more grief than Crucial and Corsair. See what I mean?

    Also, make sure that your refresh rates are the same. Thats the CAS setting. DRAM needs a little spike of juice every so often to keep the charge going along and thus retaining the data. The faster chips may not be supported on the mainboard you have, and really tend to not play well when mixed with slower (and more common) speeds. Its not the memory's fault there, moreso the RAM controller. But try to keep that in mind as well.

    With that said and LC's advice -- you should be ready to rock and roll.

    Oh and try what whiz said. you may get a bit of a perf boost.

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